SGA Complaint

To register SGA Complaint through
IVR(Interactive Voice Response)


To connect SGA tele Caller
manually call


IVR(Interactive Voice Response) Process

step 1:

Play Welcome, Welcome to Bengal Beverages Pvt.Ltd.

step 2:

Select the Language menu Press 1 to speak in Bengali

  • Press 2 to speak in Hindi
  • Press 3 to speak in English

step 3:

  • Press 1 to Cooler complaint
  • press 2 for Customer Care

step 4:

Please enter your Mobile Number

  • (Outlet mobile number as per jaguar record)
  • You Have Entered:(Promt will display the mobile number as you have entered)
  • To confirm your mobile number Press 1 else press 2 to re enter.

step 5:

  • Please enter the last 6 digits of asset Number
  • (Outlet mobile number as per jaguar record)

step 6:

  • To confirm your Asset id Press 1 else Press 2

step 7:

  • Please select your issue code from menu
  • Press 0 for not cooling Press 1 for cooler not working
  • Press 2 for Light problem Press 3 for gasket problem
  • Press 4 for Stabilizer problem Press 5 for Door problem

step 8:

Your selected issue is (Promt will display the issue description as you have selected)

step 9:

To confirm your issue Press 1 else Press 2 to re enter

step 10:

You have registered your complaint with case Id (XXXXX)